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  • EdgeTune™ Pro II

    Sharpest edge. Mirror finish. Quick & Easy. EdgeTune Pro II grinds an incredibly sharp ski/snowboard side edge quickly & easily. The #600 fine grit ceramic grinding stone removes less material than hand files for a smoother edge finish. Save your edges! EdgeTune Pro II removes significantly less side edge than all the other grinding machines.

  • How to Tune Ski Edges – Race Place

    Have your skis stone ground to re-establish a flat base if your ski becomes unstable because of excessive wear. Note: Base edge bevels need to be re-established after any base grinding…

  • Carrot Tools

    Carrot offers some of the most precise handheld grinding units on the market today. With solutions for edge prep and finishing, sidewall removal and scraper sharpening. All with rugged durability to stand up to the demands of busy back shop use.

  • Stone Grinding | Hardwood Ski and Bike

    Stone grinding is a process to restore your ski base to like-new or better than new condition. The ski base surface will have micro damage from normal use, scratches, and heating from an iron. Over time, abrasive snow, drying of the base, wear at high pressure

  • Caldwell Sport | About Grinding

    Grinding flattens the ski base, removes a thin layer of damaged and hardened material and provides a pattern designed to optimally manage the snow crystals and moisture content. The number of times a ski can be ground depends on how much material needs to be removed to reach a good starting point.

  • Ski Base Structure Theory

    Don''t ski on the skis as returned from the shop, you will need hot boxing or several days of waxings before they hit the snow; follow the process below. The idea is to have your bases professionally structured by stone grinding and maintain them as long as …

  • Edge grinding machines for skis and snowboards

    With our innovative edge grinding machines you get four perfectly ground and burr-free edges in just one work step per ski and board. This way, you can quickly and easily ensure unlimited safety and driving pleasure for customers in all piste conditions. You can find the HQT edge tuning in our DTS-U II RACE, DTS-U Pro, SF-2 Pro, SF-1, SF-3 and ...

  • Comax Grinding Stone 500

    Replacement sharping stone for Comax Carrot Replacing stone - rougness 500. Sharping racing ski., E-SHOP RUN BY PROFESSIONAL SKIERS Phone +49 3583 6794987 Email:[email protected] Phone +49 3583 6794987 Email: Home Delivery ) ...

  • About Stone Grinding — Nordic Ultratune

     · About Stone Grinding. The single most important factor in ski speed is matching the ski to the skier and the conditions. The use of proper grinding technique will result in a flat base with fresh, open surface for wax absorption, and in a structure suited to the prevailing snow conditions.

  • How to Structure Ski or Snowboard Base

    NORDIC SKI STONEGRINDING One benefit of stone-grinding bases is that the structure can be exactly reproduced time and time again...a good deal if you find a particularly fast structure for a specific snow condition. But there''s a few concerns you might want

  • Stone Grinding

    Stone Grinding. Stone grinding can restore a ski base surface when damaged from normal use, scratches, and overheating from an iron. Repeated application of cold wax that needs to be applied with a very hot iron will over time seal the base of the ski. Our cold snow is abrasive and will wear the high pressure contact points of the ski.

  • The Piste Office

     · Stone Grinding & Structuring. Stone grinding is the one machine based operation that is outside of the scope of a DIY tuner & should be done by a competent shop technician. It''s normal for any stone grinding machine to leave some ''fuzz'' of p-tex fibres, the amount depends on the skill/care of the machine operator, the wear state of the grinding ...

  • SKI Magazine

     · A stone grind does just that. Leif Sunde, professional ski technician and owner of the Denver Sports Lab in Golden, Colo., outlines the three main benefits of a stone grind. 1. Restore Base Flatness Over time, ski bases can become warped and lead to

  • stone-grinding-vs-belt-grinding-skis-and | Stick Docs Ski & …

    Stone Grinding vs. Belt Grinding Skis and Snowboards. Belt grinding takes place during the tuning process in which getting an acceptable gliding surface using grinding belts only involves many more steps, moving through many grits of belt. Ski repair shops equipped with a stone grinder should definitely run the skis and snowboards through a stone ...

  • Race Ski Prep – Race Place

    Ski Edge Bevels It is important to set base and side edge bevels after a stone grinding. Follow the procedures in the article "How to Tune Edges" with emphasis on a progression of finer stones for the ultimate race polish. Ski Base Prep For the fastest race skis ...

  • Inside The Factory: All You Need To Know About Grinds …

     · The stone grinder etches structure, a specific pattern, into the base of the ski that is designed to provide better glide in specific snow conditions. While a few years ago there were only a few of these machines in the whole country, grinding has become a business for a number of ski shops all over the country that are now offering grinding as service.

  • Stone Grinding | Boulder Nordic Sport

    Stone Grinding Stone grinding is a foundation of Boulder Nordic Sport''s commitment to helping our customers get the most out of their cross-country skiing experience. We are proud to provide grinding services to some of the top teams and athletes in the U.S., but we love to help enthusiasts, recreational skiers, masters racers, and passionate endurance athletes have faster skis than they ever ...

  • Edge grinding machines for skis and snowboards

     · The edge grinding machines from Reichmann meet particularly high quality requirements. The reason for this is the High Quality Tuning (HQT), which ensures perfect edge precision on your skis and boards. The innovative arrangement of the tuning discs enables simultaneous processing of …

  • About Stone Grinding – Nordic Ski Grinds

    Stone grinding, in particular on skis that have been used a lot, removes the outer layer of the base which over time has hardened (not oxidized). It is generally accepted that the substance polyethylene does not oxidize. Most scratches are removed by grinding and the freshly exposed, softer layer of the ski base is better able to absorb wax.

  • Inside the factory: All you need to know about grinds and …

     · The stone grinder etches structure, a specific pattern, into the base of the ski that is designed to provide better glide in specific snow conditions. While a few years ago there were only a few of these machines in the whole country, grinding has become a business for a number of ski shops all over the country that are now offering grinding as service.

  • PROFI S350

    Stone grinding machine for skis and snowboards Stone grinding on world cup level The PROFI S200 and PROFI S350 are the structural wonders among our stone grinding machines and the result of a close cooperation with the race departments of different ski producers and world cup specialists of several snowboard associations.

  • Stone Grinds

    Ski Base Structure Theory - RaceWax

  • Stone grinding

    PRO technology for stone grinding With this new development, the amount of material removed can be controlled even more finely in accordance with the geometry of the ski. Due to the extremely precise pressure curve, excellent structural results are produced during the material-friendly process, as the contact pressure on the bases is individually regulated through the stone both from above and ...

  • Ski Base Structure Theory

    The idea is to have your bases professionally structured by stone grinding and maintain them as long as possible; your skis will get faster as your wax cycles increase. Terminology: More depth/width in a structure is considered more "aggressive"; a shallower, tighter structure is less aggressive.

  • Lab4Ski

    Perchè scegliere Lab4Ski. I numerosi test e aggiornamenti con il supporto dei migliori macchinari e materiali disponibili ci permettono di avere un prodotto di alto livello per offrire al professionista come al dilettante la medesima cura, qualità ed impegno. Stiamo lavorando costantemente per perfezionare e migliorare il nostro servizio.

  • A New Approach for the Grinding of Nordic Skis

     · Stone grinding has been the state-of-the-art for Nordic ski preparation for approximately the last 2.5 decades. This paper presents a new approach to preparing ski running surfaces, and a new grinding machine has been developed. A grinding wheel made of metallic material, a stationary placed ski and fully controllable process parameters are ...

  • Stone grinding

    With the PRO technology, the harmonious movement which occurs during skiing is included in the grinding process: the ski slides over the stone in the same way as it slides over the snow when skiing. Grinding of the ski tips and tails is also possible. For rockers, MONTANA recommends the new PRO stone grinding technology.


    Matching the experience of The Grinders is the expertise behind the Tazzari RP23 Stone Grinder. Our recent acquisition of the most up to date model incorporates ski handling features such as software integration, high pressure stone cleaning, new stones and diamonds all tested to enhance performance.

  • Stone Grinding

    Stone grinding can rejuvenate an old pair of skis, removing "dead" base material, scratches, and flattening a ski that has many more kilometers of skiing hidden beneath it''s worn surface. If you think that stone grinding may be an option for you, give us a call or bring your skis in to see us.

  • Viable at-home alternative to grinding? | SkiTalk | Ski …

     · You can''t run a ski through an automated tuning machine that uses a stone, succeed in flattening the base and have high base edges. Can''t do it. You could on a belt sander. If you flatten a ski and the edges are high, your tech''s skills are suspect. Seeing crates

  • Kuzmin Ski Technology AB

    • Stone grinding (SG) wheel is a quite porous substance. Thus, the ski base material with some fluorocarbon are able to stick into the grinding wheel pores; • Rotation of the stone grinding wheel is a quite slow, about 300 rpm.

  • Changes in the cross-country ski base properties …

     · Stone grinding was done in three steps: first appropriate amount of ski base material was removed with a rough grinding stone, secondly, ski base was flattened with a smooth grinding stone, and thirdly, the ski base was structured according to the parameters2.

  • Ski Grinding

    ski grinding with the US ski grinder Muck . ski grinding with the US ski grinder Muck .

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