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  • STANDARD GUIDANCE (COP 37) Tailings and Waste Rock

    Waste rock is also a mine residue that typically consists of overburden and material displaced to access the ore body. Waste rock may even contain very low grades of ore but at levels which cannot be processed profitably. Waste rock management basically

  • Tailings storage facilities in Western Australia

    The code does not apply to waste rock landforms (e.g. waste dumps), heap or vat leaching facilities, flood protection bunding, surface water diversions, or underground mine fill using tailings. Due to the varying nature of potential hazards and control ...

  • Waste Rock, Rejects and Tailings Report

    Waste Rock, Rejects and Tailings Report November 2012 Waratah Coal China First Coal Project – Galilee Basin ... The Permian consists of competent sandstones, siltstones, mudstones and claystones with intercollated coal seams. The Permian dips gently ...

  • Waste Rock Dump Management and Stability Evaluation

    Waste Rock Dump Management and Stability Evaluation D Olivier SRK The management of mine waste dumps has historically been assigned mainly to the on-site mining operations. In recent years, focus has turned to a more scientific approach to

  • Understanding Waste Rock Dump Hydrology is Essential for …

    Understanding Waste Rock Dump Hydrology is Essential for Effective Closure Planning and ARD Management A. Wright Metago Environmental Engineers, Australia 1 INTRODUCTION The creation of large unsightly waste rock dumps is synonymous with(WA).

  • Waste Rock Dumps

    Waste rock dumps are usually the most visual landforms left after open pit mining. Together with tailings storage facilities, they are also the most prone to erosion.

  • Minerals | Free Full-Text | Mine Waste Rock: Insights for …

    Mismanagement of mine waste rock can mobilize acidity, metal (loid)s, and other contaminants, and thereby negatively affect downstream environments. Hence, strategic long-term planning is required to prevent and mitigate deleterious environmental impacts. Technical frameworks to support waste-rock management have existed for decades and typically combine static and kinetic testing, field-scale ...

  • Waste rock definition — AccountingTools

     · Waste rock is barren or marginal ore that has been mined, but which has so little value that it is not worthwhile to engage in additional treatment, so it is discarded. Waste rock is usually removed in order to gain access to a commercially-producible mineral deposit.

  • Guidance for reporting tailings and waste rock: chapter 3

    1. 2006-2008 reporting. The 2006-2008 Canada Gazette (CG) notice is applicable to facilities from the bitumen, coal, diamonds, metals, and potash sectors that generated or disposed of tailings and/or waste rock during those years. A facility is subject to the 2006-2008 CG notice if, during one or more of the 2006-2008 calendar years:

  • Millennium Expansion ProjectMillenniumExpansion Project

    o outer waste rock emplacement slopes will be designed at no greater than 3(H):1(V) gradient. A minimum of one metre of competent rock mulch shall be placed over waste rock emplacement slopes with a 3(H):1(V) batter to mitigate erosion potential and o ...

  • under the Construction Sites (Safety) Regulations

    fall or displacement or earth, rock, or other material (including waste material and debris) adjacent to or forming the side of the excavation or earthwork. 4. Every part of the excavation or earthwork where workmen are employed shall be examined by a competent

  • Energy Efficiency

    Management of Tailings and Waste-Rock in Mining Activities MTWR Pulp and Paper Industry PP Textiles Industry TXT ... Competent authorities responsible for issuing permits are required to take account of the general principles set out in Article 3 when ...

  • Rock, Mineral & Fossil Collections

    Competent rock - Rock which, because of its physical and geological characteristics, is capable of sustaining openings without any structural support except pillars and walls left during mining (stalls, light props, and roof bolts are not considered structural support).

  • This paper provides practical nomograms for designing waste rock piles on solid competent foundations. In cohesionless soils, commonly placed using end-dumping methods, the stability of the stockpile slope depends on the angle of internal friction (Ø), slope angle and the height, for a given depth of critical slip failure.

  • Chapter 4 Engineering Classification of Rock Materials

    Part 631 Geology National Engineering Handbook Chapter 4 Engineering Classification of Rock Materials United States Department of Agriculture (210–VI–NEH, Amend. 55, January 2012) Issued January 2012 The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits

  • Designing waste rock barriers by advanced numerical …

     · Waste rock is represented by spherical particles with rolling resistance, and an ultra-class haul truck is represented by a rigid multibody system interconnected with mechanical joints. The model components are first calibrated and then the calibrated model is used for simulating various collision scenarios with different approach conditions and safety berm geometries.

  • Australian Centre for Geomechanics | Conference Paper: …

    The 30 m face of the waste rock dump was pushed into an upper slope at 16° and the lower slope at 7° and competent waste rock was added to the crest as a perimeter bund and to give the appearance of a duricrust. The final landscape closely resembled mesa landforms in the region.

  • Design to closure

    The majority of the waste materials present in the waste rock dumps were subgrade banded iron formations (BIF) and chert, which are generally competent and geochemically inert. Some waste material was known to have an elevated risk of erosion but present in relatively small quantities.

  • Dilution and ore recovery

    Rock Competency – More competent rock will be less susceptible to sloughing and overbreaking Ore Type – Defines the selective and effective dilution parameters Ground Support – Support can be used to maintain ore and waste surfaces, limiting the amount of dilution

  • Waste Rock Dump Management And Stability Evaluation | …

    Waste Rock Dump Management And Stability Evaluation | SRK. The management of mine waste dumps has historically been assigned mainly to the on-site mining operations. In recent years, focus has turned to a more scientific approach to waste rock dump management and the auditing of these manmade structures. A risk-based classification study of ...

  • Waste shipments

     · Waste shipment controls are carried out by national competent authorities and inspection services, and custom offices. Objectives The main aims of EU rules on waste shipments are environmental protection, and to reduce the risks to human health.

  • Improving control of contamination from waste rock piles …

     · Waste rock piles are made of heterogeneous, coarse-grained rock extracted from mines to reach the ore. The internal structure of a pile has a major impact on water and oxygen movement and hence the production of acid mine drainage or contaminated neutral ...

  • Environmental Strategies in the Mining Industry: One …

    The waste-rock was transported to the Bingham Canyon Mine waste rock disposal areas (behind the leach-water collection system). Tailings were sampled and "hot spots" containing high concentrations of lead were excavated and placed in an engineered, state-approved waste repository.

  • Assessment of Leachate From Blended Waste Rock …

    Class 2: Non-competent, non-acid forming or acid-consuming material. Class 3: Acid-forming material. The generalised Waste Rock Dump Design for current operations comprises an outer zone of Class 1 material and inner zone with Class 2 and 3 material

  • Earl Grey Waste Characterisation FINAL

    encapsulation with the competent mafic mine waste rock in an above ground landform. Tailings predicted to be NAF, although enriched in beryllium, tin, tantalum and rubidium, have very low solubility of metals, metalloids and fluoride (based on ore samples).

  • Guidance for reporting tailings and waste rock: chapter 5

    A mine has accumulated a quantity of waste rock over a number of years, and reported the amount of lead and mercury sent to waste rock management areas under the 2006 to 2008 notice for mine waste reporting. The material is now (for 2009) being moved to

  • Waste rock | Article about waste rock by The Free Dictionary

    Waste rock will be removed from the material destined for the mill circuit before it leaves the open pit, allowing the company to double the amount of copper and nickel being processed by the mill.

  • The Density of Common Rocks and Minerals

     · Rock density is very sensitive to the minerals that compose a particular rock type. Sedimentary rocks (and granite), which are rich in quartz and feldspar, tend to be less dense than volcanic rocks. And if you know your igneous petrology, you will see that the more mafic (rich in magnesium and iron) a rock is, the greater its density.

  • Influencing Factors on Strength of Waste Rock Tailing Cemented …

    When the waste rock content is too high, due to the large particle size of the waste rock, the tailings cannot completely wrap around the waste rock, resulting in a weakening of the cement in the backfill, which reduces the strength of the backfill.

  • Geotechnical characterization of mine waste rock

    investigated waste rock is similar to granular soils and governed by the "well-graded" and "very angular" nature of the materials. The samples exhibited low air entry values (0.2 and 0.8 kPa) and low water storage (0.44) along with a high saturated-5 The hydraulic ...

  • ore dilution and ore recovery

     · ore dilution and ore recovery. As a mining project is developed from conceptual to production phases, there exist a variety of uncertainties and difficulties that affect the operation''s designs and economic value. A notable design parameter to be taken into account is the factor of dilution. DILUTION. Planned and Unplanned Dilution.

  • Waste rock definition

    Waste rock means earth material that is excavated during mining, from which the economically recoverable native copper has been separated, and that is stored on the surface for 1 year or more. Waste rock does not include earth material from excavation or grading done in preparation for commencement of mining.

  • APPENDIX 5 11 Waste Rock Management Plan

    third of the waste rock is low competency saprolite, the mine schedule will permit encapsulation/cladding of this low competency waste rock surrounded by competent material. Hence all of the waste rock landforms at surface will have high erosional stability.

  • Lecture 4: Mining waste

    Waste occurs in several stages of the mining process and throughout the life of the mine, from the first exploration drilling project to the last processed material before mine closure. Several types of waste are generated in a mine, but three types stand out with the largest volume: waste rock…

  • Basel Convention > Procedures > Competent Authorities

    Mandate: Pursuant to article 5 of the Basel Convention, Parties are required to designate or establish one or more competent authorities to facilitate the implementation of the Convention. A competent authority means the governmental authority designated to be responsible, within such geographical areas as the Party may think fit, for receiving ...

  • Chemical Composition of Samples Collected from Waste Rock …

    Waste Rock Dumps and Other Mining-Related Features at Selected Phosphate Mines in Southeastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah By Phillip R. Moyle and J. Douglas Causey1 Western U.S. Phosphate Project2 Open-File Report 01-411 2001 ...

  • Management of waste rock – Waste rock comes in three general types, which must be managed appropriately: mineralized waste rock: U 3 O 8 concentration of greater than 0.03% non-mineralized waste rock: U 3 O 8 concentration less than 0.03%, and is categorized as either "clean" or potentially acid-generating, based on the likelihood of acidic seepage

  • Our responsible management of mine tailings and …

     · Our responsible management of mine tailings and waste rock. In addition to the ore, mining activity involves extracting a substantial amount of waste rock. Managing this mining waste responsibly and safely is of the utmost importance for the environment. The Eramet group uses specific techniques at each of its sites.

  • Environmental Site Inspection Checklist

    WBC Environmental Site Inspection Checklist Form Number : EF -EI04 01 Revision Number : 1 Date : 1-1-2006 Page 1 Note : This form is designed for general use and may not be exhaustive. Modifications and additions may be necessary to suit individual

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