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  • Case Study: Paste thickening optimises tailings disposal …

     · "The paste thickeners recover at least 75 – 80 per cent of the water by volume from the primary thickeners, increasing total water reclamation in excess of 95 per cent.

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    His most recent success is the acceptance of a paper entitled "Thickeners versus centrifuges: A coal tailings technical comparison". This will be presented at Paste 2015 in Cairns in May. The paper also covers issues with clay tailings found in the Australian coal fields.

  • Paste Thickener Technology For Mine Backfill

    The paste thickeners at the DeBeers CTP plant in Kimberley, South Africa are the latest example of paste tailings disposal on the surface, also called "stacking". Houman (2003) The use of a paste thickener as an alternative to filtration for mine paste backfill is a more recently developed application.

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    Typical paste thickeners drives have 8-10 times the torque compared with the same diameter high rate thickener. In addition, paste thickeners need to have much longer mud retention times in order to thicken to higher densities.


    Much as thickeners are already widely used at present, a steadily increasing number of researches are continuously studying these polymers and their unique properties. This, together with advances in mixing technology, suggests that the use and potential of

  • Paste technology: An alternative look at tailings …

     · Paste-thickened tailings or paste technology (it is known by a variety of terms) has had a successful history in the mining industries, treating a range of tailings materials. Interestingly, this was first ?discussed? at the 2005 annual IQA conference in Adelaide, and had been put into practice by Rocla at its Golden Grove, South Australia, operation.

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    The Outotec Paste Thickener is best suited to applications requiring a high degree of dewatering, such as: Minerals tailings applications Mine backfill Pre-leach and CCD circuits Outotec Paste Thickening Technology is designed to suit each project, …

  • ANDRITZ thickening and clarification systems

    Paste technology Custom ANDRITZ thickeners Discover all our range in details in our ANDRITZ thickening and clarification systems brochure available for download here. Your benefits High throughput with optimized underflow density, flocculant consumption and ...

  • Outotec Introduces 2nd Generation Paste Thickener for …

     · Outotec has a long history of developing paste thickeners, as well as the design and delivery of large-scale paste thickening projects. This has given us a deep understanding of the key aspects of high-density thickeners, including effective flocculation, dewatering, raking, prevention of rotating mud beds, process control, and the discharge of thickened solids.

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    Paste. We are able to provide paste thickeners up to 34 m in diameter with drives in excess of 10 mNm of torque. High Density. For applications requiring high water recovery, but without the process and pumping issues associated with paste thickeners, our high density thickeners from 1 m to 99 m in diameter can be supplied. High Throughput.

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    The sonar bed level transmitter can monitor two different densities within the Thickener for control of the underflow pump and to provide supplementary control for flocculant dosing. The ORCA Sonar is provided with an automatic scum cleaning system to make sure the sonar transducer is kept constantly clean.

  • Paste thickening optimizes tailings disposal and water …

     · WesTech''s solution used paste thickening technology to facilitate a second-stage tailings thickening process. Dilute slurry from the primary thickeners is pumped a distance of approximately 3 miles – to an area with adequate storage capacity for the expected 25-year life of the mine – to feed two 59-foot diameter paste thickeners at the plant''s paste disposal facility.

  • Australian Centre for Geomechanics | Conference Paper: …

    Abstract: Paste thickeners emerged as a technology in the mid 1990s, delivering previously unachievable underflow densities and associated handling properties. Paste underflows were achieved through self-compressive forces within the deep bed of the …


    New ACT Thickener Optimizer system at Yara is well integrated with plant DCS, maintaining process stability despite highly challenging variables. The Yara Siilinjärvi plant is located in Finland and is owned by Yara International ASA, a Norwegian fertilizer company.

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    Technology. Download Thickener Brochure. Hight Rate Rake Thickeners. Vertical Paste Thickeners. FiltaSep Series. Feed & Dillution Box. Rake Drive.

  • HiDensity Paste Thickener

    HiDensity™ Paste Thickener Overview: WesTech''s HiDensity™ Paste Thickener produces non-settling thickened tailings with lower viscosities and underflow concentrations than what is produced in the Deep Bed™ Paste Thickener. The HiDensity Thickener also has a lower height-to-diameter ratio, which allows for on-the-ground construction and much larger ...


    Finland. This is one example of how our technology has improved the tailings operations with benefits to the local environment. Maximized Underflow Density Using our process knowledge and tools all Outotec Paste Thickeners are designed to limit the build-up

  • Outotec improves paste thickening technology

     · Outotec improves paste thickening technology. Finnish mineral-processing tech company Outotec has made mechanical and process control improvements to its paste thickener system, designed for applications that require efficient dewatering, including tailings, mine backfill, and pre-leach and counter-current decantation (CCD) circuits.

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  • Thickeners and clarifiers Complete range of reliable and cost-effective solutions

    High-rate thickeners In developing our high-rate thickeners, we draw upon decades of experience in flocculation, feed dilution, and sedimentation technology from EIMCO® and Dorr-Oliver®. We work with you to address your specific process challenges that affect


    DELKOR drive range technology includes single planetary unit delivering 1.2 MNm of torque as well as multi-pinion center drive systems capable of 14 MNm of torque. With more than a thousand operating thickeners - our drive design is well known to be highly reliable and can be

  • iron ore paste thickeners in ethiopia | Prominer (Shanghai) …

    tailings thickeners equipment manufacturing out - . 11 Jun 2013 prm company provide quarry plant machine for India Oman Vietnam Malaysia iron ore paste thickeners - Mining equipment & mine . Read more Get Price

  • Paste Thickeners Technology

    Paste Thickeners Thickening Filtering Ccd Water Can you share any news on the proven technology paste thickeners and its applicationsnot all tailings can be converted to paste with thickeners, depends on the rheology.Only the filter can but at very high cost.The

  • Application of Paste Technology

    combination of thickeners and filter presses. Thickened tailings are defined as tailings that have been significantly dewatered to a point where they will form a homogeneous non-segregated mass when deposited from the end of a pipe When placed layer by ...

  • Australian Centre for Geomechanics | Conference Paper: …

    Abstract: Paste thickeners emerged as a technology in the mid 1990s, delivering previously unachievable underflow densities and associated handling properties. …

  • Designing for Paste Thickening Testwork and Sizing for Paste Thickeners

    Paste 2005, Santiago, Chile 99 Session X Título sección Designing for Paste Thickening Testwork and Sizing for Paste Thickeners I.M. Arbuthnot and R.A. Triglavcanin Outokumpu Technology Pty Ltd, Australia ABSTRACT In the mineral processing industries, there

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    Paste Thickeners can help producers eliminate the need for settling ponds and other structures. They are meant to achieve the highest solids concentrations possible through gravity separation. The resulting mud, described as a paste, is often so thick that it becomes non-segregating — no further separation of water and solids can be achieved.

  • Deep Bed™ Paste Thickeners

    Deep Bed Paste Thickener Overview: The original concept of the deep cone thickener was developed in the 1960''s using a steep angled cone and thickener bed to increase underflow density. Over the years, this thickening technology has evolved to produce a non-settling solids suspension with underflow concentrations much higher than what is produced with conventional or high rate thickeners.

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    Paste and underground technology Customized solutions Mixing & Counter Current Decantation (CCD) technology CCD dilution pump/mixers allowing "flat" designs and elimination of el-evation differences between CCD thickeners. Close to "perfect" inter-stage mix


    Paste thickeners in India''s iron and steel industry JL Johnson, WesTech Engineering Inc., USA; BP Misra, WesTech Process Equipment India Pvt Ltd, India EMERGING ISSUES AND TECHNOLOGIES The balance between energy and water preservation in the

  • Changes in underflow solid fraction and yield stress in …

     · The trouble-free and efficient operation of paste thickeners requires an optimal design and the cooperation of each component. When underflow discharging is suspended, alleviating the vast torque that the remaining solids within the thickeners may place on rakes mainly lies in the circulation unit. The mechanism of this unit was analyzed, and a mathematical model was developed to describe …

  • Paste and Thickened Tailings A Guide Second Edition Re…

    paste and thickened tailings and is an easy and efficient way to review the principles of the technology. The first edition was published in March 2002. The second edition addresses the rapid evolution and implementation of paste and thickened tailings

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